What’s your favourite colour? Most of us have one and they play an intrinsic part in most of our lives, affecting our moods and feelings and yet most of us take them for granted.

Not a designer though; a designer depends on their knowledge of colour and how their audience is likely to interpret it.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the basics of colour psychology, what colours are associated with what and how best to use them in the design of your direct mail campaign.

Think: danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure and optimism.
Tip: a particularly overpowering colour which can lead to headaches. Vary the tone across your direct mail to soften the impact.

Think: love, feminine.
Tip: counteract the girliness of pink with hints of dark charcoal or black.

Think: stability, reassurance, warmth.
Tip: orange tends to dominate the page so use in moderation for a more subtle appearance.

Think: nature and energy, calming and restful, balance, security, stability.
Tip: too much green apparently makes people complacent or too laid back. Grab their attention back with some red or orange.

Think: calming and soothing, loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplative.
Tip: blue can look cold and unwelcoming. For a less chilly look, use a blue with a warm undertone.

Think: sunshine and energy.
Tip: not a very restful colour; yellow is even thought to enhance feelings of emotional distress. Pairing yellow with black will make most people think of ‘beware’; for example, think about the colouring of wasps and construction signs.

Think: spiritual, feminine.
Tip: can be insipid, liven it up with black or silver, or even both!

Think: creativity, fertility, joy, magic, evil, death and sex.
Tip: can be overpowering, use with a calming, light colour to balance.

Think: security, stability, practical.
Tip: Use with a livelier colour for mental stimulation such as green or blue.

Think: death, eccentricity, drama.
Tip: use in moderation.