CS9 Consultation now closed: did you have your say?

As a Chiswick business, we are concerned with any matters affecting our clients, friends and colleagues. One of these, the proposal for the new Cycle Superhighway 9 by TfL, has resulted in a public consultation which ended at 23:59 last night.


Residents and businesses have expressed a variety of concerns with cyclist and pedestrian safety and the impact on Chiswick traffic conditions high on the agenda. Environmental concerns in relation to tree removal and air pollution, as well as the effect on parking, in an area which already sees difficulties in finding a spot at the best of times, have also been expressed. The proposal was also set to affect a local church community as mentioned here


With both cyclists, motorists, environmetalists and chiswick residents amongst our staff, clients and friends, we are happy that everybody has been given a chance to express themselves and hope that you are one of many who took advantage of this opportunity.


We believe this shows that no matter which side of the fence we all sit on, the opportunity for constructive dialogues on contentious issues which affect our day to day lives, should remain a priority for large organisations such as TfL, so that together we can arrive at a solution that best suits all parties.


For those conducting consultations such as these, Letterbox Media is on hand to provide consultancy, project impact surveys and secure delivery of important documents to residents and local businesses, by a safe and reliable pair of hands that respects the value of these exercises and applies the appropriate attention to detail, when called upon to assist in their success.