Direct mail v email

There is no denying it, technology has irrevocably changed the marketing landscape, but where many people assume digital communications has replaced its direct mail predecessor, the statistics show that, we couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, we find that technology and print often have a mutually beneficial relationship, enhancing businesses marketing messages by adding credibility, personality and making you stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s through your letterbox or in your inbox, when any mail-shot or e-shot is delivered, we have a choice. Do we open or put it straight in the bin? When it comes to our email inboxes this often becomes more of a habit than a decision. However, with the majority of us simply clicking ‘delete all’, and who can blame us when our inboxes become so congested on a daily basis, it becomes impossible to give every email our full attention. But with those emails countless marketing messages also go straight into the bin.

It’s true, the recycling bin might also be the final destination of your direct mail campaign, but you might be surprised to find out that it could be less likely than you think. In a study published by Epsilon it’s reported that 80% of people will pick up their mail at the earliest opportunity, with the same percentage sorting through the mail as soon as it’s brought into the home.

Data presented by Central Mail Services in the most recent ‘Direct Mail Statistics’ report, stated that 83% of people find direct mail easier to take in than email, with 32% of people wanting to be contacted by direct mail vs a measly 6% via the internet. Best of all for businesses, 44% of UK adults responded to direct mail in 2014.

So, don’t rule out the power of a letterbox delivery when you’re planning your next marketing campaign!