General Election or Public Consultation? Grieve believes that Brexit deal options will mean one or the other for Theresa May come October

Former Conservative Attorney General Dominic Grieve believes a parliamentary impasse regarding Brexit is on its way and supports it’s resolution via a second referendum, reports UK Business Insider here


My view is that it may be impossible to resolve this issue without a further public consultation. On the face of it, what we’re going to be offering the public at the end of 2018 is, on any showing, markedly different from what we were debating in the course of the referendum campaign two years ago.”


A final deal should be brought back in the autumn by Theresa May, which then needs to be agreed upon and thereby ratified in Parliament. Despite being able to count on the support of the DUP, an combination of hardline Brexiteers and Remainers could oppose the final deal and ensure an embarrassing defeat for the Prime Minister in parliament.


The UK is scheduled to leave the EU in March next year, following the two-year Article 50 withdrawal process which Mrs May invoked last year. Despite EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier previously ruling out extending Article 50, Grieve is convinced that a resolution to the issue will be forthcoming due to will on the parts of both negotiating teams.


Every EU interlocutor that I have raised this with thinks that we would get an Article 50 extension if we needed it to hold a further public consultation to approve the deal.”


Our readers can view the report from the Institute for Government event, at which Mr Grieve was speaking, in its entirety here