Important documents require flawless delivery

While many basic advertising materials are important in their own right, communications in relation to a multitude of our clients projects are a different animal altogether. To fulfil their legal and best practice obligations, it is important that the guarantee of every single leaflet reaching its intended recipient, is included as part of our service.


When you consider that even the Royal Mail has an allowance for and an expectation of ‘lost items’, it is easy to see why those who have critical documents which are either of high importance, high value or of a confidential nature, come to Letterbox Media to ensure secure document delivery, at a fraction of the price for the equivalent service from other suppliers. Think of us as a much more cost effective version of recorded delivery, with no compromise on service.


Whether you want the best standards for your Public Consultation, Community relations exercise or Works programme notifications, Letterbox Media is the only choice for peace of mind and the same end result as having delivered it yourself. Contact us today for further help.