Scottish Government outlaws fracking after lengthy public consultation

An important environmental victory was won last week by public consultation enabled people power, after the banning of fracking in Scotland. The outlawing of the controversial gas extraction technique was announced by the energy minister for Scotland, Paul Wheelhouse:

Let me be clear that the action is sufficient to effectively ban the development of unconventional oil and gas extraction in Scotland. The decision that I am announcing today means that fracking cannot, and will not take place in Scotland.”

An overwhelmingly large 99% of the 60,000 scots who voted during the consultation period were against fracking. This was despite the fact that it had been rumoured to be bringing with it over 3000 jobs and 6.5 billion worth of investment to Scotland. The carefully conducted process meant that vital environmental and health considerations were given a chance to come to the fore and that those who were given a voice used it and made themselves heard.

The Head of campaigns for Friends of the Earth Scotland, Mary Church, stated: “This is a huge win for the anti-fracking movement, particularly for those on the frontline of this dirty industry here in Scotland, who have been working for a ban these last six years.”

She said the results of the public consultation would “avoid potentially devastating impacts to people’s health, the climate and our natural environment”.

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