The benefits of community consultation

What is a community consultation?

If you’re planning a project that will affect your community, then a consultation is a vitally important step in the process – and it can be the difference between a project flourishing, or taking a nose dive at the first hurdle.

So what exactly is a consultation? Many mistake a consultation for simply ‘announcing’ company plans to the public (one of the biggest mistakes is to just tell people what’s happening and when, and this is not a consultation.)

Consultations do just as they suggest, they consult the public ahead of plans. They give communities a voice and help to develop local democracy instead of inspiring simmering negativity. A good consultation asks people how they feel and garners their support, and this process is essential for getting support for any local project.

Smooth the process

 A good consultation practice is key and essential to getting it right first time. You’ve got to make sure that you are flexible, and take time to listen. You need to let the public have the time to digest information, ask questions and raise points – so simply announcing your plan with no room for leeway is forcing them to passively accept change, and this won’t make any positive difference. It’s important to consult widely, involve your stakeholders and set out some clear common aims to unite everyone in reaching the end goal. You’ve also got to be prepared to take on ideas and change the plan.

How can we help?

You’ve decided that you want to consult the community before you press on with your plans. This is something that we at Letterbox can help you with.


We can work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your project, consultation or works program is presented to those affected by it in the best fashion. Our conviction is that there is no substitute for the two decades of experience we have liaising with regulatory bodies, large construction & rail companies, local authorities and others who require our unique attention to detail. We can go the extra mile to turn a good campaign into a faultless and streamlined operation which enjoys maximum impact.

Site Surveys

Our clients wish that their reputation should be enhanced by the projects they are undertaking, and this always remains a priority for us. A responsible attitude towards the way in which that project can impact those affected by it is key to the maintenance of good community relations. At Letterbox Media, we believe nobody understands this better than us and we are comfortable stating that our expertise in this increasingly important field, is second to none.

Noise Modelling & Mitigation

Our unique noise modelling software, developed through an extensive network of experienced professionals and enhanced by in house efficacy in the field of noise and vibration, offers a cost effective solution to what can often prove to be an expensive issue. With basic information about the plant you will be using, we can determine exactly how far the noise disturbance from that project will travel. The benefits of this are twofold: our clients are better able to satisfy regulatory requirements, such as section 61 laws, while also being given the chance to mitigate against this disturbance.

Community engagement and brand ambassadors

At Letterbox Media we understand that good community relations start with face to face contact with stakeholders. We believe that it is they who hold the key to maintaining and enhancing a positive brand image. The most effective way to do this is by engaging directly with them at ground level. Our Brand Ambassadors are trained for every eventuality, showing the professionalism and personality that Letterbox Media is famous for. They are fully informed in advance of the intricacies of and issues surrounding the project they are assigned to.