Top tips for your leaflet design

When you’re creating a leaflet, you want to make sure that you get the best results. Here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of your leaflet design.

What are you saying?

Before you get started, it’s worth clearly establishing exactly what you want your leaflet to say and what the point of it is. Are you promoting a new service, or running a special offer? Or are you reminding customers of the work you do, or the products you currently have available? Identify the objective of the leaflet and keep this in mind throughout the design process.

Who are you targeting?

Depending on the nature of your leaflet, you must keep in mind who you are trying to target, and what they are likely to respond to. Is your leaflet for new customers, existing customers or other intermediaries? It’s good to set out goals at the start of the process to present to your design team, and to make sure that you are staying on message throughout.

How are you saying it?

Content on leaflets is always key. There tends to not be room on a leaflet for reams of text, so you need to get your message across clearly but concisely with the space you’ve got. Get to the point quickly with your leaflet, as people don’t tend to read copy heavy flyers and you want to keep their attention. Bullet points tend to work well, punchy and direct.

Standing out

With so many companies using leaflets to market their products and services, it may be the case that your leaflet is going to be competing with lots of others, and therefore you need to make sure yours stands out. If there’s something unique about what you’re selling, or you’re running a fantastic offer, make sure you draw attention to it with a bold and clear headline. Make sure you include a call to action too, perhaps encouraging the reader to take up an offer, or make contact with your business directly.


Perhaps obvious, but it’s so important to proof read your copy and headlines, and fact check as well. Spelling errors, missed full stops or sentences that don’t make sense can be off- putting to the reader. Before you send your final leaflet copy of to print, make sure you’ve had it scanned over several different pairs of eyes!