Why positive Community Relations should be top of the agenda for construction firms


Brick by brick is the best way to build and cement lasting relationships with your local community. Construction firms and rail companies are starting to realise that this is a key benefit when it comes to their work. After all, this is an industry which, despite carrying out vital and beneficial programmes of work, can create some anti-social side effects such as noise, dirt, dust and disruption, for example.

Keeping the community informed on your projects means they can plan and prepare themselves to minimise disruption to their day to day lives, armed with the correct information. This leads to less complaints, which as well as having the potential to cause costly delays, can paint a company in a negative light with local authorities and regulatory bodies.

How to speak to the public

The best way to build community relations is to inform the public in the area about the project in advance. One of the simplest and most successful ways to do this is through leafleting. This is particularly useful when public consultations are being planned.

On a simple information pamphlet, you can supply dates, times and details of the work planned. You can apologise for disruption, offer advice for who to contact with any problems and provide solutions. You can also explain why the work is needed and what the benefits are to the community once the project is complete. This will develop a dialogue with the community in relation to your work, making them feel appreciated and considered.

We can help

Here at Letterbox Media we can provide you a service in which we can design a leaflet for you with all the information you need for success. We can also give you demographic details regarding your audiences and target market, to give you the best chance of successfully tailoring communications directly to them.

Once you approve the design, we can print and deliver them to the local stakeholders that will be impacted by your project. We offer a range of distribution options to ensure your communications are hitting the right audience at the right time, meaning you can be as selective as you like with your audience targeting. This is something our team can advise you on to ensure your information is going into the right hands.

So, in order to keep your community on side and abreast of all changes, consider the above when it comes to planning your strategy.

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