What are your response times?

We are here to satisfy the wide ranging demands of our clientele – therefore we will consider all requests, no matter how short notice! For a next day service our cut-off time is 12pm midday, although we have been known to accommodate same day requests for some of our more longstanding clients. Prices for this depend on the details and are provided on request

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere within Inner and outer London. We are also active in Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire and Berkshire. Through our network we are also able to cater for clients who require deliveries further afield.

How many leaflets do I need?

We are here to help you plan a successful campaign – the amount of leaflets you need depends on what you are hoping to achieve and how we can best work together to integrate that into your budget.

What will the response levels be?

We cannot guarantee any response to your material as this fluctuates dramatically from leaflet to leaflet, week to week and business to business.

Why do your distributions cost more than your competitors?

We are a media agency and not solely a direct marketing service. Our background is in secure document delivery and we have brought this level of service to an industry where often what is promised and what is delivered are too far apart for our liking. We believe In paying our staff fairly so that they are motivated to properly maintain our high standards at all times.

How do I supply my artwork?

Please send emails to sales@letterboxmedia.com detailing your requirements and attaching any artwork. Please provide some contact details and we will get back to you. 

Can I cancel my order before printing?

Once an order has been made and artwork received, we go straight to print to ensure we maintain the speed of our response times. Therefore please be careful that what you send us is the final version – our commitments to the environment and to our clients budgets mean that we don’t like having to recycle print runs if it isn’t strictly necesary!

How many other leaflets are delivered with mine?

No other leaflets will be delivered with yours unless you specifically request it. We have found that Solus delivery is the most effective method and making an impact on a target audience and tend to stick to it in most instances.

How long will my leaflet distribution take?

We are able to accommodate most requests with regards to completion timeframes. Please let us know what you require and we will do our best to ensure it happens.

Do you deliver to every household?

The welfare of our staff is important to us and so any situations where, for instance, a dog or another safety concern prevents delivery, will be relayed back to our clients.

We are also committed to respecting the wishes of residents at all times and so any “No Junk Mail” signs will be respected when delivering promotional materials. We believe it is important your message is delivered in the best possible way

What if I believe the distribution has not been carried out properly?

Please call us! Our GPS data is often able to provide the assurances you need and we judge ourselves on our responses to the questions our clients raise.

What is your minimum distribution quantity?

Our minimum order is 10,000 leaflets for distribution only, with a 7,500 minimum if the print is also done through us.