Direct Marketing London


Having fine tuned our systems in an arena where one missed letter has the ability to turn into a major issue, we are confident that the standards we have had to adhere to make us unique in the Direct Marketing arena. This allows us to occupy a different space than the rest of our market, as we have thrived in conditions where there is far less margin for error, since our inception.

In a marketplace where poorly paid, unmotivated and unmonitored staff are an unfortunate norm, we are proud to stand for integrity, honesty and an ethical commitment to excellence. Our view is that nothing less than a 100% delivery guarantee is good enough and our responses to any complaints are client focused, as well as pro-active with regards to preventing future occurrences. If you need peace of mind, guarantees that have substance and a commitment to ethical practice, Letterbox Media are here to help.

Our staff are paid London living wage, are well spoken and personable and understand their importance in maintaining not only our high standards but, most importantly, the image of our clients. They are tracked via GPS allowing us to ensure that the integrity and accountability that underpin our offering, are fully transparent to our clients at short notice.

Targeted door drop campaigns


Solus delivery means that your marketing material is delivered on its own at the exact time and to the exact destination you want it delivered. No other accompanying materials, mean that your brand achieves maximum exposure on the doormat of your potential client, gaining their undivided attention. It is proven to be the most effective way of reaching your target audience.


While not having the same impact as Solus, shared distribution provides a cheaper option for those looking to save money. Our good relationships with our network of partners are able to ensure numerous opportunities for shared distribution are made available to our clients. Although not available on demand, we ensure you are made aware of suitable dates and times for this cost effective option.


Our bespoke mapping software has been created to avoid key limitations of off the shelf products like Geoplan. We are able to build targeted databases for any area of London, ensuring that Boroughs, Wards, Postcode sectors all the way down to individual addresses can be analysed in terms of their suitability to your campaign, before being included or excluded to suit. At Letterbox Media, We understand the importance of demographics to a marketing campaign and are ready to assist you to target your message and resources where they will deliver the best results.

Addressed Mail

An equally matched alternative to that offered by the postal service, for a fraction of the price. Our addressed mail deliveries require a higher level of detail than usual but are more effective as a result. The added element of standing out from unsolicited mail, leads to the increased likelihood of it being opened and read by the end user. Included in our service is the formulation of bespoke mailing lists, designed through careful discussion with you, allowing us to better understand your goals in order to help you achieve them.