Public Consultations

At Letterbox Media we understand the impact of specialist communication and how a well managed discourse between the key parties involved in and affected by Rail and Construction works and initiatives, can add value and position a project in the correct space, enabling its goals to be achieved. Our knowledge of and dedication to best practice, is second to none.


We have strategic experience helping Local Government and Public Sector bodies, Multinational Infrastructure Groups, UK Charities and many others to plan, run and engage key stakeholders about essential works programmes, via successful Public Consultations. We have provided the adaptability and knowledgebase via our engaging consultancy that has won over audiences on many different levels.


Our understanding that listening is just as important as communicating has proved crucial in assisting our clients to make critical decisions aimed at improving how they are perceived. We are passionate about establishing a detailed communications strategy which conveys our clients as considerate to the needs of those impacted by works programmes, by providing them with an opportunity to contribute and express their opinions, as well as giving them the information needed to maximize their support of our clients’ objectives.


In addition to providing a platform for residents groups and other key stakeholders to have their voices heard, we have delivered the action and know how that have fortified relationships with key decision makers such as MP’s and Environmental planners, by giving them the confidence in our clients processes and displaying the accountability that leads to project approval.


It is our job to make life easier for our clients and whether this is done via a print and distribution distribution campaign, a public event, a managed point of contact via telephone, email or social media, we have the skillset to guarantee the desired impact.


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