Community Relations

Community Relations

Relationships matter in business every bit as much as they do in one’s personal life. And at the heart of every good relationship are clear lines of communication. Whether you are a construction firm or local authority, utility provider or rail company, building relationships within communities is integral to achieving progress.

As London’s leading letter and leaflet distribution service, we regularly support clients to build and maintain strong relationships with the communities in which they work. From responding to complaints to providing infrastructure project updates, we are committed to working with you to maintain a healthy and productive dialogue.

Our comprehensive distribution network enables us to reach every one of the capital’s 3.3 million homes on your behalf. Our team utilises the latest mapping and GPS monitoring systems to track and analyse the deployment of communications. This gives you peace of mind that you are reaching your audience, whether it’s a single postcode or an entire borough of London.

If you are a specialist consultation or engagement business looking for a trusted delivery partner, look no further than the experienced, dedicated team here at Letterbox Media.

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Getting to grips with community relations

All too often projects get underway without the necessary steps being taken to control the flow of news and information to a community ahead of planned works. All regulations may have been adhered to and council support may have been acquired but as word spreads to the general public, half-truths and harmful rumours can leave an organisation on the back foot before their project is even underway.

When implemented properly, an effective community relations plan can help generate support from the public and the political sphere in order to expedite progress and avoid negative publicity that may be unwarranted.


At Letterbox Media we can work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your build or works programme is presented clearly and sensitively to the communities you expect to be affected. If you are beginning a period of public consultation we will ensure the fast, secure and accurate delivery of any print communications.

Our wealth of experience in working alongside regulatory bodies, local authorities, construction firms and rail companies proves that we are well equipped to help you keep a healthy, open dialogue with the public.

We are able to go the extra mile to turn a good campaign into a faultless, streamlined and impactful one.

Site surveys

Our clients rely on us to not only manage objections to their projects but in many cases to enhance their reputation and shine a light on the positive outcomes of a project. Our ability to identify the impact of a given project and determine the appropriate action is second to none.

We believe that it is important to take the initiative and be proactive in the handling of communications with key residents in situations where disturbances are possible and fears over noise and inconvenience need to be managed.

Noise modelling and mitigation

In the interest of anticipating and forming responses to common concerns from a community, we offer unique noise modelling software. Developed through an extensive network of experienced professionals and enhanced by in-house efficacy in the field of noise and vibration, this tool represents a cost-effective way to establishing exactly how far the noise disturbance from your project will travel.

For our clients noise modelling can be of great benefits in satisfying regulatory requirements such as section 61 laws, whilst also providing them with the opportunity to mitigate the disturbance.

Brand ambassadors

While our print services provide clients with comprehensive coverage across a community affected by their works programme, we understand the importance of providing a face-to-face contact with stakeholders and key members of a community. At Letterbox Media we can provide you with Brand Ambassadors who are trained for every eventuality, showing professionalism and personality in representing your organisation in the public domain.

Whether it is handing out information materials at a specified location, knocking on doors to take details or opinions, or simply being on hand to answer questions from concerned residents, we work hard to ease fears and anticipate concerns wherever they may arise. Our Brand Ambassadors will be your first point of contact when a dynamic approach needs to be combined with knowledge and a sense of decorum.

Communicating effectively with the public

Our dedicated team also possess more than 20 years’ experience in our field, equipping us to present information to communities and stakeholders in a targeted and sympathetic fashion. Whether you need to utilise our distribution service or need to tap into the skills of our creative team to help you design and draft your communications, we promise to leave no stone unturned in the process of community engagement.

Community engagement/Brand Ambassadors

First and foremost, it is imperative that your communications are accurate and well timed, giving locals and stakeholders ample opportunity to share their views and air any grievances prior to the commencement of work. Anticipating objections and preparing swift responses can help to show that you take any points of view from the public seriously and that you are willing to address them rather than turning a blind eye to issues.

Whether you are a utilities company or a charity rolling out a new project, you will have undoubtedly gone through a rigorous process and adhered to all legal requirements before pursuing a course of action. With this information on hand, we will help you to outline how and why your project has taken shape, providing appropriate evidence to showcase that the work has been done to ensure the quality of your project.

As London’s leading letter and leaflet distribution service, we provide you with the ability to take a strategic approach to your community relations, sharing leaflets, newsletters and information packs to the right members of the community at the right time. Thanks to our GPS monitoring systems we can also track the deployment of any print materials to verify distribution and prove that important notifications always get into the hands of stakeholders.

Working with engagement experts

The reach and accuracy of our letter distribution makes us a valuable partner for engagement and consultation specialists in need of a reliable and experienced team to deliver their projects.

Our direct mail delivery service may be part of broader strategies, involving public meetings, websites, online surveys and social media activities. If you are a communication consultancy, we can integrate seamlessly into your team and ensure that your engagement strategy is delivered seamlessly.

Like you, we understand that each project is unique and requires a considered approach. Our advanced software is designed to complement any stakeholder mapping work you may have performed enabling us to deliver the truly tailored communication strategy you need to meet client expectations.

Community relations: the benefits of direct mail distribution in London

From targeted mail outs to a single postcode, community or borough to a citywide distribution, Letterbox Media offers a fast and highly accurate service that can reach all 3.3 million addresses in the capital.

As specialists in direct mail, we will work with you to maintain good lines of communication with a community.

Below are guidelines that should be considered as part of community relations best practice:

  • Start early – Opening up a dialogue early in a project’s development can help to shape public opinion and gain support. Leave it too late and you may be accused of being secretive or withholding information.
  • Share the good news – almost every project has something to offer to a local community and has a clear purpose. Otherwise it would never go ahead. Share details of job creation, community convenience and environmental responsibility to appeal to the public.
  • Identify key influencers – Some locals are more vocal than others and some have the power to sway the opinions of their peers. Do your homework and ensure that you carefully target key figures with your engagement initiatives.
  • Don’t assume the noise will go away – Relationships with local communities are very important and simply ignoring a problem will rarely see it die off. Instead, work hard to evidence the importance of a project and convince locals that their concerns have been taken into account.

Letterbox Media: what we offer

At Letterbox Media we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the very highest level of service to our clients. Over more than two decades we have developed the experience to deliver results for our clients on time, every time.

Our skill in direct mail services allows us to work with dynamic teams to develop innovative solutions to the unique challenges presented by each and every new project – be it property development or infrastructure.

For clients looking for an end-to-end service, our team can produce literature including project impact surveys and information leaflet drops, taking care of both the creative and print requirements for these. We are even able to provide a call centre facility for enquiries and complaints where appropriate.

We are far more than your standard direct mail door-drop and leaflet distribution business, which you might task with delivering junk mail. Instead we provide an advanced, accurate and secure service sets us apart from our competitors.

Why not get in touch with the team at Letterbox Media today to see how we can help. Call 0208 408 7111.

Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders
12:26 27 Sep 16
We contracted Letterbox Media to design and distribute 20,000 leaflets across London. Originally we had planned to cover a larger area but after speaking with their marketing team whom where able to provide demographic data we took their advise and concentrated our efforts to certain key areas within London. I am very happy to say the results were outstanding and we've had our highest ROI from a single leaflet drop in 5 years. Do not underestimate the power door to door mailing can have for your business.
Mark Struder
Mark Struder
12:23 27 Sep 16
Letterbox Media has surpassed all our expectations from a leaflet delivery company. As a start out company keeping costs down is very important to us, but at the same time nothing is more important than seeing a return on investment. We have now done 3 mail drops with Letterbox Media and each time we've double our coverage as they have worked so well. We are getting telephone and website orders daily virtually as soon as the mail drop begins. We will continue to use them, we cannot rate them highly enough.
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