About Letterbox Media

Letterbox Media is London’s leading leaflet distribution company.

Giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your marketing hits the spot – we’ll work with you from laptop to letterbox.

Good leaflet distribution companies are hard to find. We will keep our word and will make sure you get value for money when you entrust us with your marketing campaign.

Not only that, but we also have access to our own software which can find and target your customers by demographic.

We can deliver to all 3.3 million addresses across the capital and have worked with a range of small, medium and blue chip private and public sector organisations.

Whether you are a small business owner or working for an organisation that relies on leaflet distribution for generating business and increasing brand awareness, you need a reliable, honest and trustworthy leaflet distribution company – so look no further than Letterbox Media.

We’ll deliver our promises.

Give us a call on 0208 408 7111 to see what we can do for you.

At Letterbox Media we are focused on helping you get your message to where it belongs, in the most effective way possible.

We offer a range of services which are designed to get results and create a lasting impact, whether you are communicating with potential customers, the general public or other businesses. We take you through the process step by step, ensuring that your requirements and objectives are always front of mind.

Even though communicating with a potential or existing client base is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, leaflet distribution remains a force to be reckoned with. Whether you are selling a product or a service or simply want to increase brand awareness, your marketing materials need to be delivered to where they will make the biggest impact.

Our Team

Our clients need their campaign materials to be distributed to the correct places at the most effective moment, by a supplier who they can trust. In an industry which promises a lot but doesn’t always deliver, we are proud to guarantee that with Letterbox Media, you know where your pound is going.

Our team includes of a pool of experts with an unmatchable knowledge and understanding of the door-to-door and print industries. We focus on the fact that we are taking your message directly into peoples’ homes and businesses, along with the responsibility this carries in terms of the importance of promoting your company professionally.

Our team attempts to understand your strategic goals to assist you in delivering a risk free marketing campaign with an impact that can be measured and experienced. A positive client experience is our priority at all times.

Our experience in this marketplace and the ability to achieve a rapid turnaround on high volumes, makes us difficult to imitate by our colleagues in the industry. We are proud to state that we are honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Quality Control

At Letterbox Media we have taken the time to develop our systems and ensure the high quality of the control measures we have in place.

We employ a separate back check team and utilize several procedures to ensure that the work is always carried out. Our distributors have been trained to deliver only to individual letterboxes, avoiding situations where a pile in the main entrance creates a waste nuisance and a bad impression for your campaign.

GPS tracking device that allows us to monitor our staff at all times, both for their safety and in order to ensure we can stand behind our promises. We know the location of our distributors every single moment during the day, as our integrity is our unique selling point. In an industry where talk is often cheap, we put our money where our mouth is to guarantee excellent delivery

Each distribution is fully supervised by a team manager who is on site to ensure a diligently conducted distribution where every single leaflet will reach its intended destination

We realize that we are judged on our ability to deal with issues as they arise. We dedicate large sections of our resources to resolving issues quickly and effectively, because we value each and every client. We consistently exceed the royal mails 95% delivery reliability rate to ensure a consistent approach that continues to meet our high standards.