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Public Consultation With Letterbox Media

Public consultations require a degree of sensitivity and an understanding of the challenges that can face an organisation or department communicating a plan to the general public.

Local government, rail companies, developers and utility providers understand that the accuracy and timing of communications can be integral to a smooth public consultation process. It is also important that any engagement with the public is done so with great security.

As London’s leading letter and leaflet distribution service, we are experienced in supporting our clients to meet their objectives. We understand how specialist communication and a healthy dialogue between different parties can help drive a project towards a considered and mutually beneficial outcome.

Thanks to our strategic, agile approach, we have successfully supported public sector bodies, charities and multinational infrastructure groups to plan, run and engage key stakeholders about works programmes.

Our scientific approach to mail delivery enables us to get communications in to the hands of the intended recipients with accuracy, speed and incredible efficiency. Our team utilises the latest mapping and GPS monitoring systems to support the tracking and analysis of distribution deployment.

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Public Consultation Planning & Strategy

Public consultation planning is often a complex and detailed process. The politics of planning is such that all communication with the public and stakeholders needs to be carefully targeted and tailored – be it online or in print.

Importance of Public Consultation Strategy

At Letterbox Media we understand the importance of working with external teams capable of executing a public consultation strategy to the letter. Thanks to our market-leading distribution network we are able to support everyone from local government departments to multi-national infrastructure groups with the secure mailing of consultations and public engagement exercises.

Working with Communication Consultancies

Letterbox Media is also experienced at working with specialist communications consultancies as delivery partners, integrating seamlessly into their team and adding value to their public consultation techniques. Our direct mail delivery service may be part of broader public consultation strategies, involving public meetings, websites, online surveys and social media activities.


Public Consultation Best Practice

Public consultations are often considered to be a thorn in the side of a property developer, construction firm or other organisation pursuing planning permission. Yet a clear and considered public consultation strategy can drive change and reach solutions that may not have previously been gathered through preliminary research. Similarly, consultations can help local government to monitor existing policy and identify areas where change may be needed.

Public Consultation Planning Applications

For those seeking the public’s input on planned works, it is vital that the regulatory process is followed with transparency and efficiency, giving a community or communities ample opportunity to express their views. While this can take shape in a number of different ways, we see our role as supporting our clients to maintain the very highest standards of communication, no matter what their public consultation methodology.

Innovation Solutions For Public Consultation Techniques

Our skill in direct mail services allows us to work with dynamic teams to develop innovative solutions to the unique challenges presented by public consultations. We understand that public sector consultations and private sector consultations need to be handled in distinct and careful ways.

Public consultations and community engagement projects can present a number of challenges to those departments or organisations looking to progress a planning application. And it is only right that a community has the opportunity to air views. Whether this is through the communication of construction plans or the provision of a questionnaire to gauge feedback from a community, Letterbox Media can facilitate an open dialogue between client and community.


Changes in public consultation methodology

In recent decades there has been a significant shift in the process of public consultation as communities have become more inclined to voice their opinions and involve themselves in the planning process. We understand that this interest in consultations makes our own role all the more important.

Today, listening is every bit as important as sharing information. In fact, our work has enabled clients to garner public opinion and take steps to ensure that essential works are carried out in the most sympathetic and sensitive fashion possible.

In many cases, simply giving the public important information and providing a platform to express their opinions has been proven to maximise the support for a client’s proposed plans.

Our experience in delivering community and public consultation campaigns has also taught us the importance of reaching out to key decision makers and reinforcing relationships with the likes of MPs and environmental planners. With our help, many of our clients have worked closely with these individuals and groups, putting the appropriate steps in place to gain project approval.

Public consultations: the benefits of direct mail distribution in London

Consultations can give people from all walks of life and all parts of a community the opportunity to participate in the plans of government. The fast, accurate and secure delivery of print communications can ensure that information is shared and that, ultimately, the quality of a decision is of the highest standard.

From targeted mail outs to a single postcode, community or borough to a citywide distribution, we offer a highly accurate service that can reach all 3.3 million addresses in the capital.

As specialists in communication through direct mail, we are able to work with organisations to build a realistic timeframe for the deployment of a public consultation.

Below are a number of other guidelines that should be considered as part of public consultation best practice:

  • Brevity – Consultations should not involve longwinded and elaborate documents that have the potential to alienate readers and disenfranchise members of a community.
  • Prioritise importance – Any consultation document should always raise the most important issues first, enabling readers to learn about and address the greatest challenges to planning first. In many cases, more detailed comments are included in appendices or as a separate document to avoid confusion.
  • Focus on clarity and evidence – During any public consultation process, an argument is more convincing when laid in clear, simple and honest terms that are supported by reliable evidence. The consultation should always outline who is being consulted and for what purpose.
  • Give objections fair assessment – It goes without saying that all responses to planning applications deserve an open-minded approach.


Letterbox Media: Community Relations & Public Consultations

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the very highest level of service to our clients. We take accountability for the service we provide and utilise over two decades of experience to deliver the right results for our clients on time, every time.

For clients looking for an end-to-end service, we are happy to offer an all-inclusive package, which reflects our extensive knowledge of regulatory standards and the broader consultation process. Our team can produce literature including project impact surveys and information leaflet drops, taking care of both the creative and print requirements for these. We are even able to provide a call centre facility for enquiries and complaints where appropriate.

It would be naïve to assume that all public consultations run smoothly. The truth is that planning applications can be a complicated and convoluted process. But we also understand our responsibility for making the communication process as streamlined and smooth-running as possible.

Public consultations and community relations do undoubtedly have the ability to create anger amongst stakeholders. Yet, with our help it is possible to ensure that undelivered mail and poor communication doesn’t become an additional complication or source of anger.

Unlike many direct mail door-drop and leaflet distribution businesses in London we are equipped to do much more than simply deliver junk mail to households. Our advanced, accurate and secure service sets us apart from our competitors.

If you are an organisation or specialist consultancy beginning work on a new public consultation procedure, why not get in touch with the team at Letterbox Media today to see how we can help.
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Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders
12:26 27 Sep 16
We contracted Letterbox Media to design and distribute 20,000 leaflets across London. Originally we had planned to cover a larger area but after speaking with their marketing team whom where able to provide demographic data we took their advise and concentrated our efforts to certain key areas within London. I am very happy to say the results were outstanding and we've had our highest ROI from a single leaflet drop in 5 years. Do not underestimate the power door to door mailing can have for your business.
Mark Struder
Mark Struder
12:23 27 Sep 16
Letterbox Media has surpassed all our expectations from a leaflet delivery company. As a start out company keeping costs down is very important to us, but at the same time nothing is more important than seeing a return on investment. We have now done 3 mail drops with Letterbox Media and each time we've double our coverage as they have worked so well. We are getting telephone and website orders daily virtually as soon as the mail drop begins. We will continue to use them, we cannot rate them highly enough.
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