Ensuring the best ROI for your leaflet

Print marketing is still one of the leading choices for return on investment. In our last few blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of design and content on your leaflet to ensure it stands out from the crowd. But you need to make sure your marketing material is reaching the right audience, which is a key way of ensuring good ROI. Ensuring you get the distribution right is hugely important, and this is where we can help you at Letterbox Media.

Hitting the target

Putting careful thought into your audience and who exactly you’re trying to target is key to effective distribution and ultimate ROI. Are you targeting businesses or consumers? It’s well worth creating a series of buyer personas before you get started to help streamline both your leaflet messaging and distribution strategy. Think about the location of your customer and the cost of distribution, or partnering with a company like Letterbox to help you strategize.


Our Solus delivery option means that your leaflet, brochure or magazine is delivered on its own, to wherever you want it to be delivered, and when. We’ll arrange this so that there are no other leaflets delivered at the same time, so you have the full attention of your potential customer. This is the most effective way of reaching your target audience.


Our Selective delivery option uses our own mapping and surveying tools. We can extract addresses and create a database for any given street, postcode, or local authority border. If your campaign needs to be more specific, then we can deliver to specific socio-demographic groups. We can also instruct our staff to include or exclude certain types of households. For more information, you can look at our ‘demographics’ section.

Shared distribution

Our Shared distribution provides the same level of reliability as solus, but at a much lower cost. We speak regularly to other advertisers who are delivering in the same area and share the distribution, so costs are reduced. A degree of flexibility is required with this method, but is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Call to action

Once you’ve chosen your distribution method, one of the best things you can have on your leaflet is a call to action, to generate some form of response from your customer to show they have engaged. This could be a special offer, a coupon, code or feedback form, all of which can be measured or tracked, so that you can see how effective your leaflet has been.