Keep your employees happy and your customers will benefit too

Keep your employees happy and your customers will benefit too

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the grass grows where you water it?”

Well, it doesn’t just apply to those of us with green fingers. In fact, you can relate it to the way you treat your employees too. If you take care of your staff, they will feel appreciated and this translates into a more positive and productive workforce. What’s more, studies suggest employees who are more committed to their work provide better customer service.

Why we do it right

Examples of businesses who fail to take care of their staff have littered the news agenda recently. Underpaying, exploiting and taking advantage of those working in the “gig economy” has been front and centre. Uber have faced a court battle over employment status, City Sprint has lost a case concerning a freelance bicycle courier and Deliveroo workers have sought to unionise to gain workers’ rights. We cannot stress enough that we do not operate in this way.

We know that unhappy workers equal poor service and we pride ourselves on our business ethics, which are targeted towards giving our employees a sense of dignity and respect, that reflect back into our business.

Put the workforce first, to put the client first

Without good customer service, a company cannot hope to continue attracting clients. Here at Letterbox Media, providing quality customer service follows on from excellent employee relations and is a fundamental priority. Offering London’s fastest and most flexible leaflet distribution service is not possible without investing care in the grass roots of our offering – our people. We listen to feedback, act on advice and always go the extra mile.

In addition, we strive to match this with a reliable and transparent delivery service.

Reliable and transparent

One of our main delivery tracking services is through GPS which protects us from lost and damaged mail. It allows us to pinpoint the location of your product and track our employees to provide accurate locations and timescales for delivery. We promise to deliver on time, every time and take great steps to monitor the delivery of this promise.

We also try to stay innovative, and recently introduced a recorded delivery service. This is especially useful for our clients who send and receive legally sensitive documents, or need to go the extra mile to prove material has reached its destination.

We have a range of innovative delivery options and a team of dedicated employees to help guarantee that our clients knows they are in the safest of hands.

To find out more about our delivery options, take a look at the various services we offer here.