The benefits of leaflet marketing

There are certainly many types of advertising to take advantage of these days. From print adverts, to email and social media campaigns, it can be hard to single out which is the best for your business or event. If you’re examining different ways to promote your services, then here are some of the advantages of leaflet marketing.

The leaflet

Leaflet marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it is also the most tried and tested. It has, in fact, stood the test of time (it’s still going strong despite the technology explosion) and nowadays it can be a great way to merge the old with the new into an effective marketing strategy. You can find out more about how print marketing has survived the digital age in our previous blog post.

Hit the target

The aim of all marketing is that the message reaches your target audience. Leaflets are one of the best mediums for hitting audiences, because they can be delivered right into people’s homes and, if designed well, can grab the attention of everyone in that household. Unlike the television or the computer, a leaflet can’t just be turned off, it’s there in hard copy with your audience and it can’t just be deleted.


People don’t tend to have the time or inclination to read pages and pages of marketing copy. A leaflet has space constraints, which means that to get your message or your offer across, you need to convey your message concisely. If you can use a snappy, stand out header and get your words across in as few words as possible, it’s more likely that your target audience will read the whole advertisement and, if inclined, act on it.


Unlike adverts on the screen or on billboards, your readers can take in the information at their own pace and in their own time, instead of having to stop in the street or rewind the advert. Online marketing is more temporary; people often see a message and then forget it. With a physical product like a leaflet, it can stay in their homes and provide a constant reminder of your service.


You can use your leaflets to really engage with your audience. You could incorporate a call-to-action on the leaflet, an offer with an end date or a voucher code to get the readers’ attention and encourage them to ring up or make contact with your business to claim the prize. You could feature a coupon, or a contest, or an incentive for them to follow your business on social media – or offer them a discount to use in store.

Cost effective

Leaflets are possibly one of the most cost-effective ways to get your business into the hands of the people you want to be directly targeting. It’s simple and effective, and if you’re looking to keep costs down but maximise reach, leaflets and flyers are a great marketing solution and cheaper alternative to other marketing options.