Top tips for your marketing strategy in 2016

No matter what your industry or service, if you are intending to grow your business in 2016 then you need a cohesive marketing strategy which is both focused online and offline.

Here are our top tips for some simple yet cost effective actions which will really make a difference to your business.

  1. Improve your Google rankings

If someone needs a service, chances are they will either ask for a recommendation or they will ‘google it’. They may choose to search for ‘plumber in Newcastle’ or maybe ‘employment lawyer in Manchester’; whatever it is they search, you want to make sure that your website comes out at the top of the google list and so you’re the first one they call. This is called search engine optimisation and you can build this by increasing the amount of authoritative content about your business on your website.

  1. Improve your website content

“Content is king,” as you’ve probably heard. Not only can good content build your website’s authority in search-engine rankings as we’ve noted, it can also do some selling for you, or at least save you some time educating your customers about your business or services. You should be publishing fresh content on a consistent basis (twice monthly, minimum). The easiest way to do this is to update your website blog with educational posts about your services, trends or updates in the industry, educational or expose-type posts about information your clients may not know, etc. The posts should be well-written and 500 to 700 words each.

  1. Email marketing – speak to your customers

An effective method of reminding your customers to use your services is email marketing. Grow a list through a pop-up on your website or sign-up form on your website, and send an e-newsletter to showcase new or popular products, offer a timely discount code or announce any upcoming news or events. Remember, personalised campaigns are more effective than “batch and blast” emails. These days, people are bombarded with emails. Despite the inbox-saturation, it is still a great way to remind your potential customers that you exist and can help them out. Don’t oversaturate your contact list with daily or weekly email campaigns. Instead, use a monthly or twice monthly email.

  1. Get social

Facebook is great for expanding your reach to a wider audience, Instagram is perfect for showcasing your services, Pinterest is ideal for visual how-to’s and inspiration, and Twitter is a go-to network for customer service. Use social media to engage with your clients. Facebook’s advertising tools to increase the reach of your posts, photos and videos to customers are fantastic value for money. Even a £25 per month budget for Facebook ads can go a long way!